Inventory Functionality

  • Select and view individual inventory items
  • Filter by name, property, category, purchase date and more
  • Powerful Grouping and Sorting capabilities
  • Easy to search for any inventory items

Item Details

  • Upload, store and access unlimited pictures
  • Store important item information including:
    • specific categories
    • purchase date
    • item’s location on property
    • specific property (if more than one)
    • model #
    • brand
    • serial #
    • inventory ID or BAR CODE
    • condition
    • purchase date
    • purchase location
    • purchase price
    • valuation method
    • replacement cost
    • Certified by Protectovision Authorized Inventory Professional flag

Notes and Audio

  • Be as detailed as you like with descriptive text
  • Record voice info & description (let Grandma talk about her antiques)
  • Store and access documents associated with each item:
    • receipts
    • appraisals
    • owner’s manual
    • certificate of authenticity
    • etc.
  • Store, manufacturer’s, or 3rd party detailed warranty info
  • Maintain detailed records of maintenance and repairs for each item


  • Select and View individual properties (home, business, rental, etc)
  • Upload, store and access unlimited pictures of property
  • Include real estate property nickname, address, & legal description
  • Purchase price, purchase date, value, value date, valuation method
  • Has the capability to add another property


  • Pick your color scheme
  • Turn “on” or “off” grid popup edit form
  • Turn “on” or “off” grid view for paging
  • Custom select number of items to view per page with grid “on”
  • Maintain a list of categories: add to or delete from to customize
  • Maintain a list of locations: add to or delete from to customize
  • Maintain a list of document types:
    • appraisals
    • birth certificates
    • deeds
    • diplomas + degrees
    • marriage certificates
    • owners manuals
    • warranties
    • DD-214
    • and more
  • 3rd Party Login feature is awesome.  Send an automated email establishing a login name and password to any trusted individual you authorize to have access to your account.  You can easily turn “on” or “off”.  Great for:
    • insurance claims
    • estate planning
    • attorney
    • financial planner

My Account

  • View membership/subscription details
  • Billing history
  • Print receipts
  • View fill storage used/available
  • Change password

Refer a Friend

  • Enables you to easily send emails to your friends to let them know about the many advantages of “E-inventory” by Protectovision.
    • You get a $5 credit toward next year’s subscription for every new member.  Earn credit toward a FREE YEAR, or
    • the option to earn REAL INCOME as an Independent Contractor for new memberships or as an Inventory Professional
  • Quick and easy access to see when referrals become members and the credits or the pay you have earned
  • Help your friends (that may be out of work) to earn extra income

Printable Reports

  • Complete detailed reports with or without pictures
  • Option for reports with limited information with or without pictures
  • More
  • more

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