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The security of your data and credit card details is extremely important to us. Order viagra 1 We have both hardware and software protection to ensure that nobody else has access to your account or data.

Physical Security

Order viagra 1 Our data center has several layers of protection around our servers.

  • Layer 1: A proximity card and PIN is required just to enter the building
  • Layer 2: Proximity card access and fingerprint scan is required to enter the data center
  • Layer 3: Locked cages and cabinets secure all the hardware
  • Layer 4: Video surveillance cameras are monitored constantly
  • Layer 5: Vibration detection devices detect any motion

Software Security

Order viagra 1 All sensitive data is stored on servers behind a constantly maintained firewall. Order viagra 1 There is security built into the operating system preventing outside access, order viagra 1 and all major security patches are tested and applied after testing and review. Order viagra 1 Beyond that, order viagra 1 the databases themselves are secured by additional access restrictions, order viagra 1 and more sensitive data is also encrypted within the database as an extra precaution. Order viagra 1 We also use SSL for passing any credit card information between the client and our server so that it cannot be intercepted in transit.

Backup Facilities

Order viagra 1 Your data is constantly mirrored to a redundant backup server, order viagra 1 meaning in the event of any significant failure we can instantly switch to this live backup without any data loss. Order viagra 1 All our hardware is also fully redundant so even if a disk suddenly dies, order viagra 1 nothing will go down and no data will be lost. Order viagra 1 Further to these measures, order viagra 1 all your data is backed up to an off-site location every night so that in the event of a system-wide disaster, order viagra 1 we can perform a full backup recovery.

Order viagra 1 Rest assured, order viagra 1 PROTECToVision goes to great lengths to keep your data safe and secure.

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