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Viagra online store Not really.  As most insurance companies will tell you, viagra online store if you don’t have the proper documentation to substanciate your possessions, viagra online store you may not receive your full coverage!   And we can’t stress enough the importance of having your documentation at a safe ‘off-site’ location.

Viagra online store Find out how PROTECToVision could possibly mean well over $100, viagra online store000 more for you in an insurance claim!*

  • Are you penny wise, viagra online store but pound foolish?
  • Do you have the proper amount of insurance, viagra online store but no way to prove the contents that you own and their value?

Viagra online store 1) Show me the money!

After a major loss, viagra online store would an increase of $10, viagra online store000 or $100, viagra online store000 or even $300, viagra online store000 in the insurance settlement that your insurance company awarded to you be important to you and your family?

You bet it would!

Here is an example to show you how important your Protectovision membership and “E-inventory” may be for you and your loved ones. To make this example easy to understand, viagra online store we will assume a total loss.  This unfortunate “total loss” event happens unexpectedly to many people every year as the result of fire, viagra online store flood, viagra online store hurricane, viagra online store tornado and burglary.  These concepts still apply for a partial loss:

Home Insured for:                                                $400, viagra online store000

Possible Content Coverage:                                    $200, viagra online store000     (Contents normally insured for 50% of home coverage, viagra online store check your policy to be sure)

Possible Contents Settlement :                                 $60, viagra online store000       (Possible settlement with little or no documentation–no way to say for sure)

Possible Settlement with “E-inventory”:           up to $200, viagra online store000

Net difference for this example is:                 up to $140, viagra online store000!!!*

Many more dollars in your pocket…plus so many more benefits!*

*results will vary base on your situation, viagra online store including (but not limited to) your type and amount of insurance coverage, viagra online store specific loss, viagra online store insurance company, viagra online store claims representative, viagra online store and deductible.  Protectovision cannot and does not guarantee any specific amount from an insurance claim or settlement.

Viagra online store 2)   While we emphasize the importance of detailed documentation, viagra online store that is not enough.  The need for a secure off-site location to store your property’s documentation and 24/7 online access is extremely important! The days of an old shoe box or file full of old pictures, viagra online store receipts, viagra online store and warranties is gone!

  • Too often over time the pictures become damaged, viagra online store
  • Receipts become faded
  • Warrantees torn and stained
  • Important documentation is misplaced or lost
  • In the worst cases the documentation is totally destroyed by the event (fire, viagra online store flood, viagra online store hurricane, viagra online store or tornado) that it was needed for in the first place!

In areas of major devastation, viagra online store even those people that had the insight to have a couple copies of their inventory at different locations (one copy at home and another copy at a friend or family member’s home) found that that the back-up copies were also destroyed!  These situations left seemingly well prepared individuals unfortunately with no documentation or records of their possessions!  Some examples of places that were affected by widespread devastation are:

  • the Gulf Coast that was hit with powerfully destructive hurricanes, viagra online store and
  • California that was ravaged by rampant wildfires.

Take advantage of PROTECToVision’s

  • awesome features
  • safe, viagra online store secure, viagra online store and 24/7 access and online storage
  • years of product research, viagra online store development, viagra online store and
  • original programming

Viagra online store …to quickly, viagra online store easily and inexpensively protect your family’s prized possessions today!

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